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Amazon Finds : For the Bathroom

Amazon Finds : For the Bathroom - It’s already time for another Amazon Finds post! This month I’m sharing my very best finds for the bathroom. There are so many treasures packed into this one! I might even be itching for another bathroom remodel soon, ha! Click through to see what I found.

Amazon Finds : For the Bathroom - Click directly on the items below to shop!

01: toiletry containers // 02: bath soak // 03: black marble soap dish // 04: marble sink console // 05: marble vanity tray // 06: soap dispenser // 07: ultra soft bath towels // 08: room spray // 09: wall mount smart mirror // 10: coconut milk bath // 11: waffle weave shower curtain // 12: bathroom mirror // 13: black bathroom hardware // 14: turkish towel set // 15: vanity mirror // 16: bath brushes // 17: provence soap // 18: marble soap dish // 19: bubble bath // 20: gray bath mat // 21: woven waste basket // 22: brass vanity sconce // 23: pedestal bathtub // 24: gray waffle weave bathrobe // 25: white marble bathroom vanity

There are SO many good items from this roundup. I didn’t realize many of these amazing bath products, fixtures, and decor was even available on Amazon until today. Let’s just say… I added some things to my cart.

Amazon Finds : For the Bathroom - This week has been BUSY and a little stressful, so I’m trying to keep my head above water and focus on the blog posts that bring me joy and excitement. This was one of those posts! It really got me excited. If you’re interested in more of my Amazon Finds, I’ll link some favorites below. You can also shop my Amazon storefront, where I curate my best finds!

Amazon Finds : For the Bathroom -

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    August 15, 2019 at 4:39 am

    I am constantly amazed at the items and brands available on Amazon! You sure do curate a pretty round-up. I can believe that searching might get you excited about designing another bathroom. Here’s to almost-Friday! This week has been a doozy, for sure. Hopefully you are experiencing “good” busy and stress. Take care of yourself!

    • Reply
      August 15, 2019 at 10:02 am

      Me too! And thank you :) Here’s to almost Friday. Is this your first week back to school? All “good busy” stress over here- just lots on the to-do list!

      • Reply
        August 16, 2019 at 4:20 am

        Yes. This is teacher inservice week; kids start Tuesday!

        • Reply
          August 16, 2019 at 11:17 am

          Well, I hope you have a great school year! Enjoy settling in :)

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    August 16, 2019 at 4:09 pm

    Hi Sarah! Just recently found your blog and I love your style! Do you have any posts or tips about decorating a rental space?

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