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My Art Options for the One Room Challenge (+ What I Ordered)

My Art Options for the One Room Challenge (+ What I Ordered) - Although I’m having a fantastic time on vacation, part of me feels guilty for packing up and leaving amongst a crazy busy One Room Challenge renovation with a very tight timeline (although we’ve had this planned for a year). While we’re away, obviously nothing is happening in the formal living room, but packages have been showing up on the daily. Luckily, the friends staying at our house have been sending plenty of unboxing updates for me so I can continue to keep inventory from afar. This week a bunch of art arrived from Minted (they’re an official One Room Challenge sponsor), and I thought it might be fun to show you my options and eventually what I landed on for the space? If anyone is in the market for art, maybe this will help! Click through to see my favorites for our living room… Continue Reading

Textile Graphic Art DIY -
art diy projects

Textile Graphic Art DIY (+ A Video!)

After sharing a sneak peek of the artwork I just installed in my kitchen on Instagram, I received a LOT of requests for the DIY. Luckily, it’s one of the easiest, inexpensive DIY art projects I’ve ever tackled (probably…

Roundup : Vintage Poster Art -
art interiors & styling

Roundup : Vintage Poster Art

If you followed along on my personal Insta stories last week (see the highlight here if you missed it), you already know I came home with a fun piece of artwork for the kitchen! I knew I wanted something…

DIY Abstract Diptych Art -
art diy projects

DIY Abstract Diptych Art (+ A Video)

I’ve been struggling with one wall in our living room since “finishing” it. Let’s get real… there isn’t a room in my home that will ever be completely finished because I’m constantly restyling and switching things around. I think…