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How to Upgrade Your Lamps & Light Fixtures

Good day, design friends! I know I’m not alone in my enthusiasm for all things lighting. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, Exhibit C) So, I’m here to proclaim without trepidation that I’m excited to discuss lampshades! I know the standard (perfectly lovely) off-white linen lampshade doesn’t generally spark conversation, and that’s exactly my point. Why miss an opportunity for injecting another layer of personality into your decor? Think new colors, shapes and textures. To get your wheels turning, I have identified some key reasons to make a switch, collected beautiful inspirational images and compiled scads of resources. Click through and take a gander if you might be ready for a change.

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Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021 -
interiors & styling

Inspiring Finds From High Point 2021

We just got back from High Point Market and it felt like a really special one… this was our first official Tuesday Made work trip, and it was very fulfilling! This particular market was actually one of the lowest…

Candle Selection & Candle Care Tips -
interiors & styling

Candle Selection & Candle Care Tips

This is a topic we’ve been talking about recently here on the blog in the comment section, after I shared my favorite candles and home fragrances for autumn last month… how to select a quality candle, and how to…

Office Renovation Update (Custom Items) -
interiors & styling

Office Renovation Update (Custom Items)

Here we are 10+ months into my home office renovation (catch all of my update posts here), and I feel like we’re really starting to gain some traction. This month has been the month that our custom items have…

10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration -
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10 Pins : Pinterest Inspiration

How was your weekend? It’s that time again… for a new inspiration-filled 10 Pins post! We’re kicking off the week with interior & decor inspiration that caught my eye on Pinterest this month. As you might imagine, given the season, I…