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Thrifting Tips & Favorite Salt Lake City Stops

Thrifting Tips & Favorite Salt Lake City Stops - Last Friday I went thrifting and took you along for the ride. It was a really fun day browsing my favorite shops- for some, it had been over a year since I stepped foot inside. I received over 300+ messages requesting shop locations and while I tried to get back to everyone, it was a tall order while trying to cram in my favorite Salt Lake City vintage stops. I figured the easiest way to share my favorite locals spots was a blog post. For those of you who don’t live in Utah, don’t worry… I’m including five of my tried & true thrifting tips in this post for you, so you still get something out of it! If you follow along on Clubhouse, maybe you already heard a couple of these thrifting tips from my chat yesterday? That was such a fun conversation with Kate, Kyla, Lauren, Susan, and Kari (some of the best thrifters I know). Click through for the tips and my local favorites for thrifting & antique shopping…  Continue Reading

Kitchen Design : Panel Ready Appliances -
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Kitchen Design : Panel Ready Appliances

A reader sent me a message last weekend asking if I had any blog posts that explain or share information on “panel ready” appliances in regards to kitchen design. I immediately went to look for links to share and…

Roundup : Desk Chairs -
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Roundup : Desk Chairs

It has been a few years since I’ve rounded up rolling desk chairs (or chairs with casters), and as you can probably guess I’m on the hunt for one, for my upcoming office renovation. Since I’ve been saving all…

Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA -
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Facebook Marketplace Finds : Riverside, CA

It’s already time for another Facebook Marketplace Finds post! Speaking of, I just parted ways with my navy vintage nightstands. They were just taking up space, so I sold them on Facebook to someone who was really excited about…

Design Eye Training : 104 -
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Design Eye Training : 104

Our first female designer, and one of my personal favorites, we’ll be admiring today in the Design Eye series is a stunning kitchen by the talented Leanne Ford. It actually appeared on season one, episode two of her popular…