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Designer Trick : Planning & Managing Projects

Designer Trick : Planning & Managing Projects - I’ve got a new Designer Trick post for you, and today we’ll be discussing a part of the design and renovation process that isn’t as creative, but is very necessary… planning & managing projects. You’ve made the moodboards, you’ve floor planned, and you’ve even picked the perfect paint color… now what? I’m sharing my best tips for planning and managing projects once they’re underway, after you’ve got the fun part (design!) nailed down. I’m also including my best tips for working with contractors, if you aren’t into the DIY route. Click through for my process! Continue Reading

My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks -
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My Way Day 2020 Sale Picks

You know I always try to share major sales and savings with you… I’m all about creating my ideal home within the parameters of our budget. Beginning today, it’s Wayfair’s annual Way Day Sale and I wanted to share…

Idyllic Moments : September 2020 -
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Idyllic Moments : September 2020

I really enjoying shooting and sharing these idyllic moment posts. Idyllic means happy, peaceful, or picturesque, and there are many moments in our home that bring me those feelings. I wanted to share this month’s vignettes in a way that…

My Favorite Interior Design Books -
interiors & styling

My Favorite Interior Design Books

How was your weekend, friends? I signed off of social media altogether to recharge, cross things off my to-do list, and I even made time to snuggle up with some good books (and good wine). I’ve actually been spending a…

Design Eye Training : 101 -
interiors & styling

Design Eye Training : 101

After reading many similar comments and messages over the years, you all gave me an idea for a new series… how to train your design eye! I love getting messages like, “It’s so interesting to see how you dissect…