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Date Night : Neighborhood Cruising

Date Night : Neighborhood Cruising - It has been awhile since I’ve shared a ‘Date Night’ post. In the spirit of fall and fun things we’ve been doing lately, I wanted to share some quick snippets from our recent neighborhood cruising adventure. Emmett and I both grew up in rural areas riding four wheelers, dirt bikes, and ATVs of all kinds. We were typical country kids who learned how to drive in the farm truck with a stick shift (those were the days). These days we might live in a golf community, but we’re in the mountains and instead of having golf carts to cruise around in, most of our neighbors have side-by-sides. We quickly decided to hop on board this neighborhood trend because it felt a lot like our hometown roots, growing up in the country. We saved our money and decided to buy a RZR a year ago. I have to say- it has been the most fun and has turned into the source for many date nights and excursions. Not only do we enjoy listening to music and taking neighborhood drives with the wind blowing through our hair, but we also frequent lots of off-road mountain trails, conveniently located 5 minutes from our house. It’s honestly a dream come true. Click through to cruise along with us, get a glimpse of our neighborhood, and read about our date night… Continue Reading

Idyllic Moments : September 2020 -
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Idyllic Moments : September 2020

I really enjoying shooting and sharing these idyllic moment posts. Idyllic means happy, peaceful, or picturesque, and there are many moments in our home that bring me those feelings. I wanted to share this month’s vignettes in a way that…

Noteworthy : Updates and Inspiration -


How has it already been over a month since my last Noteworthy post? I feel like this beautiful time of year always goes too quickly. One of my favorite fall shoots was in our previous backyard (circa 2017)… we…

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half -

Happy Anniversary to My Better Half

I figured this short, light-hearted, personal post was extra appropriate coming back from the long holiday weekend… how was your weekend, by the way? Ours was productive and restful- the best of both worlds. Anyway, today is our anniversary…