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Roundup : Faux Florals

Roundup : Faux Florals - Happy Monday, guys! I hope you all had a great weekend. We accomplished a lot in the basement bath. Ok- to get started, I feel like I need to share an honest disclaimer at the beginning of this post… I haven’t always been into faux florals. If someone would’ve asked me five years ago if I would ever bring faux plants or floral arrangements into my home, the answer would’ve been a quick and loud NO. However, the older I get (and the more technology advances), I’ve found I’m really attracted to flowers of any type. Obviously real arrangements are wonderful and ideal, but I feel like I’m to the point where I have little time to swap flowers on a weekly basis, and my mindset has shifted to faux florals are better than no florals. If I can’t even tell if a flower is real or faux, then it’s certainly good enough to live in my home. I’m serious when I say technology has evolved and arrangements are looking better than ever. Click through for a giant roundup of my favorites and to read more about my new(ish) philosophy.  Continue Reading

Favorite House Plants for 2020 -
plants & gardening

Favorite House Plants for 2020

I ventured to my local greenhouse (Cactus & Tropicals, for those of you who live in Salt Lake) yesterday to grab a bunch of plants for Emmett’s office project I’m working on (I’ll share all of that in a…

Another Fall Window Planter Box -
plants & gardening

Another Fall Window Planter Box

As we change seasons, one of my favorite things to do outside is to update my planters. I love spending time outdoors and creating a seasonally appropriate & beautiful outdoor living space- that’s always high on my list of fun…