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Laundry Room : One Room Challenge – Week 1

Laundry Room : One Room Challenge - Week 1 - I’m excited to announce, I’ll be participating in my second One Room Challenge as a guest blogger. You can see my first ORC right here, where Emmett and I transformed our one and only bathroom! This time around we’ll be tackling the laundry room. I know what you’re thinking… “the kitchen isn’t even finished”. That’s a valid point and hopefully we’ll wrap up that GIANT project soon, but my reasoning in diving straight right into the laundry room is because the spaces are connected. We’re using lots of the same materials in the laundry room and ultimately, it’s less expensive and faster to finish that space than the kitchen at this point. While I’m saving up for dining room furniture and kitchen accessories, I thought we might as well jump on board the laundry project… so that’s the plan! Click through for the details, design plan, and before images. Let’s step inside the icky space as it currently is…  Continue Reading


Our Home Anniversary!

I cannot believe it has been one year since we moved into our Utah home (shortly after this photo was taken). We packed everything we owned into a U-haul and made the three day journey from Ohio to Utah…