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A Special Gift for My Guy

artifact-uprising-holiday-gift It’s been a wonderful, tough, exciting, exhausting few months since moving to Utah. I haven’t publicly shared that Emmett has been commuting to and from the Midwest for work since moving here. It’s so weird not having him around for weeks at a time, but we know it’s not a permanent situation. Aside from missing him and the house renovation coming to an abrupt halt each time he leaves, everything has been peachy and I’ve been holding down the fort just fine. All of this to say, time away from him has prompted me to do something special this holiday… something really meaningful. I wanted to find a gift that signifies our new chapter here in Salt Lake, especially since it hasn’t quite felt permanent for him just yet. Click through to see the gift I landed on- I’m pretty sure I like it just as much as he does.  Continue Reading