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How We Choose : Hardware

Two new series in one week?! Insane… I know. Things are getting wild here at Room for Tuesday. Ha! In all seriousness, I’m just as excited to start this collection as the Room 101 series. We’ll be covering how to make good purchasing decisions…

interiors & styling

The Best Brass Side Tables

I received a question about this living room last week- a reader asked about alternative brass side table options. It sort of led me down a rabbit hole sourcing the best brass side tables available online, so I decided to…

Favorite Brass Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware
interiors & styling

Brass Kitchen Cabinetry Hardware

We are currently in the middle of a kitchen renovation, so I have been busy scouring the internet for inspiration to help me get through the not-so-fun stage of living in a constant mess. If you have been through…

diy projects

Marble Lamp DIY

Have you ever purchased something, lived with it awhile, then decide you really don’t love it? Yeah, that happens to me. Probably more than I would like to admit. This recently happened with a spotlight lamp I purchased from Target.…

interiors & styling

Interior Inspiration

I love digging through textiles and swatches to stimulate new ideas; here are a couple collages that turned up during my latest textile whirlwind. As a designer, it’s easy to get caught up with projects, to-do lists and the business side of things. Believe…