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Our Security System

Our Security System - Many of you requested a blog post on this topic and I was happy to oblige, but I wanted to live with our security system for a few months before discussing it in detail (and making recommendations). For those of you who don’t know… over the summer we had a break-in. This prompted Emmett & I to consider security, in an effort to feel safe and comfortable at home after that experience. We also were interested in making some smart home updates to create a more efficient house. In this post, I’m diving into detail on the system we selected, how it works, and some of the smart home features we’ve been loving these past few months. If you’re in the market for smart home products or security, I also have a promo codes for some free gadgets as well! Click through to read about our experience, how we made our home smarter, and my honest opinion on feeling peace-of-mind at home.
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10 Tips for Shooting Professional Interior Photos -
diy projects

10 Tips for Shooting Professional Interior Photos

Hello friends! Happy Wednesday. You guys asked for more tutorials, home projects, and activities or educational posts to help fill lots of hours spent sequestered at home. I already had this particular post on the calendar this week and…


A Peek Into My Camera Bag

I get a handful of emails about my camera equipment, lenses and how to achieve a certain style image. I thought it might be beneficial for you creative folks, to take a peek into my camera bag? I’ve been shooting with…


Logi Circle Home Security Camera Giveaway!

There are two very obvious topics we love talking about here at Room for Tuesday- good design and our dogs. A pairing that doesn’t necessarily go hand in hand, but nonetheless have a big influence on our lives. I was super…

diy projects

Marble Lamp DIY

Have you ever purchased something, lived with it awhile, then decide you really don’t love it? Yeah, that happens to me. Probably more than I would like to admit. This recently happened with a spotlight lamp I purchased from Target.…