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Shelfie : Neutral & Sophisticated

Shelfie : Neutral & Sophisticated - I have another new series for you… I know, two new introductions to the blog in one week- I must be insane, but I’m excited to share some fun new content! Allow me to introduce my new “Shelfie” series. I get sooooo many questions about shelf styling and it just happens to be one of my very favorite things to do (some people get stressed and go for a jog… I restyle my shelves), so I thought it might be helpful to create a variety of shoppable shelfies for you, as well as tips & tricks for making a built-in vignette look its best. I’m planning to explore LOTS of shelf styles of all different budgets, but first up in the series is a neutral and sophisticated shelfie. Click through to see & shop it! Continue Reading

fashion & beauty

French Girl Fashion

I love taking fashion inspiration from the French. This aesthetic really speaks to me. Maybe over the years I’ve unknowingly copied what I call French girl fashion, or maybe that’s just the look I’m most comfortable in… but I have to…

food & recipes

Simple Chocolate Mousse

I get it. It’s the month of resolutions and the last thing you guys want to see is a tempting recipe, but I’m here to tell you- if you try to cut simple pleasures like dessert completely from your life,…