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Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies

Roundup : Pretty & Functional Cleaning Supplies - Hi friends! I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend. My apologies for¬†missing last Friday’s blog post- I just didn’t get it finished in time. Last week ended up being much busier than I had anticipated with work and appointments (I’m rocking some unexpected sutures after a biopsy), so I wrapped up the blog post over the weekend and have it ready for you today. With so much feeling out of my control lately, I’ve been on a major organizing and cleaning spree. Something about having a fresh, sparkling, and uber organized house for summer puts me in a happy mood and headspace. Anyone else? I seem to do this at the start of every season… deep clean, purge, and get my ducks in a row. It always makes me feel better! My recent cleaning spree led me down a rabbit hole of restocking my go-to cleaning supplies & home organization items. I created a new Amazon list (see all of my top picks here), and thought it was worth sharing with you. Click through for my favorite pretty and functional cleaning items… plus some good tips! They’re ideal for a laundry room, mudroom, utility closet- and most of them are aesthetically pleasing enough to be left out. This is also perfect timing, if you are anticipating house guests this coming holiday weekend or are expecting summer visitors! Continue Reading

Cleaning Our House One Last Time -
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Cleaning Our House One Last Time

We just turned our house keys over to the new owners, and I’ll admit- I was a little sad. A wave of nostalgia always hits me when I see an empty home that used to house all of our…