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Design Discussion : Quality & Slow Renovating

Design Discussion : Quality & Slow Renovating - Somehow I let almost eight months pass without sharing a Design Discussion post. Every once in awhile an interior or home related topic will cross my mind, that I feel would make a great conversation here on the blog. Today I wanted to chat about quality and slow renovating, when it comes to updating and decorating our homes. It’s something that has frequented my feed & radar lately. Last week, my friend Natasha (give her a follow here) took to Instagram to chat about throw pillows. That conversation led to talking about sofas, buying new versus used, and saving up for furniture. It ended up being a controversial topic, and I thought I’d share my perspective and get a better grasp as to where everyone else lands. There is no right or wrong answer to this topic, but as I’m getting older- my renovation philosophy has definitely evolved, as we update and furnish our home. Click through for the latest Design Discussion post, to hear my thoughts, and to weigh in! I’d love to hear your personal opinion…  Continue Reading

Design Discussion : Natural vs. Engineered -
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Design Discussion : Natural vs. Engineered

It has been a few months since I’ve shared a Design Discussion post (the contervisal topic of taxidermy) and I wanted to chat about a subject I get a lot of questions and comments about: natural materials versus engineered products.…

Design Discussion : Taxidermy -
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Design Discussion : Taxidermy

I thought it would be fun to kick off the week with a new Design Discussion post. Today’s very controversial design topic (eek!)? Taxidermy. This one was actually a reader request that I was nervous to write about, but…

10 Design Topics That Elicit Strong Opinions -
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10 Design Topics That Elicit Strong Opinions

We’ve been having a lot of really amazing design discussions lately, and I enjoy hearing everyone’s perspective, point-of-view, and reasoning for what you like or dislike in your home. If you’ve missed any of our conversations and full blog…

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Design Discussion : Nude Art

We’re kicking off the week with a very interesting Design Discussion post… today’s topic is nude art. It’s a controversial subject (like the majority of our Design Discussions), and I wanted to share my perspective and hear about yours, when…