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The Last Piece of Our Dining Set Puzzle

The Last Piece of Our Dining Set Puzzle - Exactly one year ago, I shared our vintage dining set transformation, which was a total labor of love. It’s a fun story, if you haven’t read it yet! Today, I’m back with another dining set related post and an amazing find… the last piece of our dining set puzzle. Someone messaged me on Facebook months ago saying they had an identical dining set to the one we had restored and shared. Being so old and somewhat rare, it was amazing to see their set in great condition. The family was actually parting with it and asked if I had any interest in purchasing extra chairs. While I didn’t have a need for the table or chairs that matched my own, I asked if their table had a leaf. They were able to locate the leaf, which I bought from them for our dining set! It was a lucky situation because Emmett and I both agreed that a longer table would better fit our space, we wished it had a leaf, and we liked the idea of being able to seat more friends & family around our table. Just after our conversation, we ended up with that leaf that perfectly fit our set! The only issue? It didn’t match since we painted our dining set. If you’re curious to see how we made it work, this post is for you. Click through for our totally finished dining set and to see how it changed the shape and look of our (unfinished) dining room.  Continue Reading

Our Office Dining Area -
interiors & styling

Our Office Dining Area

I hope you had a great weekend! We worked both Saturday & Sunday, but it was nice to get a lot done. Little by little, we’ve been turning the office space we’ve been renting into a place that feels more…

The Best of World Market -
interiors & styling

The Best of World Market

Happy Monday, friends! I hope everyone had a good weekend. We still have house guests visiting, but I did have some time to do some online shopping. I’m sharing my favorite furniture and home decor finds from World Market…

Breakfast Nook Reveal -
interiors & styling

Breakfast Nook Reveal

Yesterday I revealed the kitchen and today I’m excited to share even more! Take a peek at our newly renovated breakfast nook. I didn’t realize how much I would love and utilize this space until it was completely finished.…