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10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects

10 Beginner DIY Home Improvement Projects - How was your weekend? We spent the majority of ours working on the shed, and it’s looking SO good. Lately, I’ve noticed a trend on my Instagram channel… the projects that seem to be the most loved these days have been quick, easy, and budget-friendly DIY projects. I thought to kick off the week, it might be helpful to roundup 10 beginner DIY home improvement projects we’ve shared in the past. If you’re interested in taking the DIY route, but are just dipping your toes into tackling home improvement projects, these 10 cosmetic tutorials are a great place to begin and hopefully will prove to be helpful in building your confidence¬†(plus- none of them require knocking down walls)! A few things to keep in mind… everybody starts somewhere, most projects aren’t difficult but require time, energy, patience, and a good attitude or willingness to learn. You’ve got this! From simple tasks like painting doors and swapping hardware to installing tile, it’s fun to complete a project and feel a major sense of accomplishment, all while creating a home you enjoy living in.¬† Continue Reading