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Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL

Friday FB Marketplace Finds : Chicago, IL - Happy Friday, friends! I have a fun post lined up for you. After multiple requests to search this city, I’m hoping to make lots of Chicago (and surrounding area) residents happy today! This is definitely my favorite FB Marketplace roundup to date. Chicago seems to be a gold mine for gorgeous furniture! In fact- I found so many amazing pieces, I’m sharing 15 today… instead of the regular 10. Believe me when I say, I could’ve kept going, but the post would’ve been too long. SO. MANY. GOOD. FINDS. I will note- the prices on certain items seem to be higher in Chicago, so people definitely understand and know the value of what they have, but I’m one of those who is willing to pay a little more for quality, condition, good design, etc. There are still many deals to be found in the mix, along with gorgeous designer pieces. Click through to see what I found! Continue Reading