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DIY Pedestal Makeover

DIY Pedestal Makeover - You know I have a thing for pedestals! I’ve talked about them here on the blog in this post! A few years ago, I pulled five or six pedestals out of a dumpster at Emmett’s work. They were made of HEAVY oak wood, were great varying sizes, but definitely had a modern 90s kind of vibe, which doesn’t quite fit my personal aesthetic. I rescued them anyway, knowing they had potential, and with my office renovation underway– this felt like the right time to give one a much needed makeover for my vintage marble horse (we’re just waiting around on other materials right now). Click through for a fun DIY, to scroll through the process, and to see how one of my dumpster pedestals got a glow up…  Continue Reading

Roundup : Wall Art -
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Roundup : Wall Art

We’re moving right along this week! I’ll admit- I blocked yesterday off because I got my second vaccination on Monday, so I assumed I might feel side effects and be stuck in bed on Tuesday. Luckily, I felt totally…

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I’ve wanted to share my mudroom for quite some time now. For some reason I hate the title “mudroom”, but it completely fits the description and function of the way we use the space. It’s casual. It’s usually a little messy. It’s…