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Roundup : Large Scale Artwork

Roundup : Large Scale Artwork - As much as I love a collected gallery wall and tiny art groupings, I also think there is a place for large scale, statement-making artwork. I love mixing all types of art into my home to personalize a space. It’s no secret I’m a fan of large, expansive art. I have my own giant windmill print that I shot in California, which lived in our entryway in both our first and second homes. I have also shared a DIY for large diptych that used to adorn the walls of our living room, and there are many more similar examples that can be found throughout spaces I’ve designed in the past. After sharing lots of these vignettes, I’ve been getting this question often… where do you find large scale artwork? Today I’m rounding up a bunch of my favorite large scale pieces that arrive framed and ready to hang! Click through to see them all… Continue Reading

Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year -
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Sherwin-Williams Color of the Year

To say I’m excited to help Sherwin-Williams® announce their Color of the Year for 2019 would be a vast understatement! I feel pretty honored to work with a brand I’ve loved and used for years, and it feels even…

DIY Abstract Diptych Art -
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DIY Abstract Diptych Art (+ A Video)

I’ve been struggling with one wall in our living room since “finishing” it. Let’s get real… there isn’t a room in my home that will ever be completely finished because I’m constantly restyling and switching things around. I think…

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Large Scale Abstract Art DIY

Nothing makes my heart sing quite like art. I love finding originals, discovering talented artists, and filling my home with unique pieces. However, not every budget allows for originals and pricey prints. I believe the best way to achieve…