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Idyllic Moments : July 2020

Idyllic Moments : July 2020 - Last month I started a new, reoccurring series that felt a bit more personal, but was focused on interiors and all things home inspiration. I thought it would be fun to share small vignettes around our house each month that make me smile. Idyllic means happy, peaceful, or picturesque, and there are many moments in our home that bring me those feelings. So far, I’ve really enjoyed photographing and sharing these posts. It gives me an opportunity to appreciate the little details. These posts are a glimpse into real life and our home as we actually live in it. Click through for the July edition of Idyllic Moments and to see some summertime vignettes that made my stop to acknowledge and enjoy the little details…  Continue Reading

10 Home Decor Items That Impressed Me at Target -
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10 Home Items That Impressed Me at Target

Here’s the deal… yesterday I went to Target for toothpaste. TOOTHPASTE. That’s it. I should have came home with one tube of toothpaste- no need for a grocery bag… one tiny item. What did I come home with? Toothpaste…