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Our Vintage Dining Set Transformation + Tips for Furniture Restoration

Our Vintage Dining Set Transformation + Tips for Restoration - We’ve lived in our home for almost two years now without eating a single dinner at a dining table inside. We typically eat in the basement at the countertop or outside on our patio, due to the lack of dining setup inside. A few weeks ago all of that changed when we finished our vintage dining set. I purchased the antique table and chairs right after we moved in and this project completion has been a labor of love and a lonnnng time coming.¬†Many of you asked for a DIY tutorial on the entire transformation process, but unfortunately that isn’t exactly how this project played out. We did about 60% of the work ourselves and hired professionals for the other 40% (like professional painting and upholstery). However, I thought it would be helpful to share tips & tricks for restoring and transforming vintage or antique furniture… so you can see what the actual process looked like, and my reasoning for hiring the pros for certain portions of this project. Click through for all the details! Continue Reading