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10 Painting Tips for Cutting In

10 Painting Tips for Cutting In - After sharing my balcony column project, I was surprised how many messages I received about not using painters tape, drop cloth, or protective plastic. I never use painters tape and am not a very messy painter. I’m confident, can cut in a perfectly straight line, and with a little practice- you can too (if you’re not already)! A crisp sharp line is always the goal, right? I promise it’s not difficult… it just takes understanding the method and a nice brush. I’m breaking my technique down in today’s blog post! You can find 10 of my best tips for cutting in a perfectly smooth and clean line. The best part? Save your time and money when it comes to installing painters tape before each project. You really don’t need it! I know some of you are probably thinking, “yeahhh right” but it’s easier than you think. Click through for a confidence booster and a little painting pep talk… plus, a fun giveaway.
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Guide for Choosing the Right Paint Tools for the Job -
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How to Choose the Right Brush or Roller

Last October, I shared some of my favorite pro painting tips while we were working on the guest room, and received lots of positive feedback. I’m happy that was such a helpful post and I thought it might be…