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5 Ikea Items That Caught My Eye

5 Ikea Items That Caught My Eye - During the holiday weekend, Emmett and I focused our attention on the basement and phase one of making it a cozy, livable environment. After moving, we literally just shoved our existing living room furniture down there and it looked like an afterthought… not to mention the cord jungle. It was about time I floor planned more intentionally and made it feel more like home, given we spend a lot of time lounging down there. I’ll be sharing the entire makeover in a few weeks, but a big part of that included textiles… drapery to be specific. You guys know I have a soft spot for IKEA curtain panels because they’re fast and fit the budget. I ended up in IKEA twice over the long weekend (on supply runs) and snapped some photos of five items that caught my eye. Click through to see what grabbed my attention! Continue Reading

Mounting Art to Bookshelves
interiors & styling

Mounting and Lighting Art on Bookshelves

You guys have seen Jacqueline’s built-ins a gazillion times now because we literally restyle them twice a month (ha!), but this time we’re sharing an easy way to add dimension and interest by mounting art to your bookshelves. It’s…