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Our Next 5 Projects

Our Next 5 Projects - Thank you for all of your kind words in regards to yesterday’s blog post! You made our day. Sherry, my grandmother, loved connecting with all of you and enjoyed reading all of your comments- so I wanted to send a big heartfelt THANKS for that. This week has been next level busy and I feel like I’ve been trying to cram too much into too few hours. Ever have one of those days or weeks where your to-do list feels impossible? It has been one thing after another over here- plumbing issues, Emmett had to replace our water softener, and last night our very expensive oven broke for a second time in six months. Argh. I think my review of the GE Café range has changed. Maybe we can replace it with a fancy French one? Haha! Joking, kind of. Anyway… is it Friday yet? I’m ready for a strong cocktail! Instead of throwing in the towel, I thought it would be fun to look forward and do some dreaming today. It’s all part of the rollercoaster that is homeownership- the good and the bad. The office renovation has me excited, and it has Emmett & I brainstorming what might come next. Click through to see what we’re thinking in terms of big house projects.  Continue Reading