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2019 Reader Survey + A Giveaway -

2019 Reader Survey + A Giveaway

I’m wayyy late in getting my annual reader survey compiled and posted this year, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. I love hearing from you guys and I truly value this information! It helps me continue to…

How to Paint Exterior Brick -
diy projects

How to Paint Exterior Brick

Tomorrow I’m revealing the bedroom balcony and it’s SO gorgeous, but before we get to the good stuff- I’ve had LOTS of questions about the painted brick. How did I choose a color? What does the process for painting…

Construction Q&A with Emmett -

Construction Q&A with Emmett

Today is Emmett’s birthday and I thought it would be fitting to give him his own blog post! Nothing like a little more work on the day you’re supposed to be relaxing, right? Just kidding! We put this together…

Guest Bathroom Renovation Recap -
interiors & styling

Guest Bathroom Renovation Recap

As promised, with each room Emmett and I renovate, we kick things off via video and wrap them up in the same way. Click through to watch our guest bathroom renovation recap… where we share our final thoughts, challenges…