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Side Yard Garden DIY

Side Yard Garden DIY - Our side yard wasn’t very functional and right about now, invasive ivy would be taking over. We had to rip it out four(!) times last year. This year, with everything going on… we decided to get back to our roots and plant a little garden. Emmett and I both grew up on farms with giant gardens and we even had a huge one at our first home, but given we live in the city / suburbs now, we really don’t have room for anything too large. We opted to use our side yard for some potted plants, a raised bed, and a little herb garden. We leveled it out, transplanted the existing periwinkle, ripped out the ivy, and lined it with gravel to make room for our new vegetable garden. Click through to see how things shaped up, get the DIY resources, check out what we’re growing, read about future plans, see how we hid our HVAC units, and for some before & after images.
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