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Bath Update

Back in February, I posted our bathroom renovation. Here’s the story: everything was going fine until one day Kalyn said, “Our bath feels kind of beachy.” It dawned on me. He was right and I kind of hated it. It has taken me a little while to find my personal style and although it might have seemed wonderful at the time, I felt like I needed to make it my own. So, here we are, ten months down the road and I’m painting… again. Here’s what our one and only bathroom is looking like these days:


Granted, it has come a long way from the condition in which we purchased the home, but I’m glad small changes and a little paint have helped it feel less coastal. Although I love the cool California interiors, I have to face it- we live in the Midwest and our house needs to reflect a little more of the location. I’m feeling much happier about the direction and it definitely feels more like my aesthetic. Continue Reading