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How to Paint Patio Furniture Like a Pro

How to Paint Patio Furniture Like a Pro - Hey guys, happy Friday! Jacqueline here. It’s been a minute since I’ve hopped on to share a post with you guys, let alone a DIY project, so I’m excited to be back. If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably seen me working endlessly on my most recent house project- refinishing and painting our existing patio furniture. I’m not going to lie…it was a big project (one I grew tired of very quickly), but I’m so happy with the end result and think it was 100% worth the effort. Our patio is not quite put back together yet, but soon enough I’ll be enjoying the outdoors in a newly revamped space. I wanted to share my tips & tricks for refinishing patio furniture, since I’ve had a lot of people reach out asking for help. It sounds like we’re not the only ones desperately needing to refresh our outdoor furniture. Continue reading for my step-by-step tutorial, plus some images of what our furniture looked like before and throughout the process.

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