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10 Home Updates That Actually Pay Off & Add Value

10 Home Updates That Actually Pay Off & Add Value - Let’s talk renovating… more importantly- projects that actually pay off (in a literal sense). I’m often asked which rooms to tackle first in a home renovation. Emmett and I always try to practice responsible remodeling from an investment perspective. If you’re not in your forever home, you should definitely be smart about renovating and the money you put into your home. Whether you’re updating your house and are planning to stay for years, or you’re almost ready to list your home and move onto the next, I’m hoping this post is helpful and educational in helping you decide which areas to address for the best ROI (return on investment). Click through for 10 home updates that actually pay off and add value to your home. All of these have over an 80% ROI (most of them are actually in the 95+ percentile range). I promise this isn’t a boring money post… it’s more about which spaces to focus on when renovating (and why), so you can make a nice profit, good decisions, or a smart investment when it comes time to sell! It’s honestly a huge part of renovating… these are the things that are most attractive to buyers.  Continue Reading

Staging Your Home To Sell -
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Staging Your Home To Sell

By now, it’s no secret that we’re moving onto another home renovation (exciting!!). If you missed that news, check out this post to catch up. Although we’ll definitely miss our current home, we’re smack dab in the middle of the…