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Tips for Growing & Caring for Boxwoods

Tips for Growing & Caring for Boxwoods - While I was in North Carolina a couple weeks ago, Emmett ditched his crutches for a shovel and I came home to a front lawn filled with new landscaping (a pretty big surprise). Obviously you already know, he tossed the doctor’s orders out the window as soon as I jetted off for my work trip, ha. In all seriousness, I’m glad he’s feeling well enough to work in the yard and the landscaping he planted looks incredible… it was definitely a fun welcome home project he crossed off our to-do list! After sharing some peeks of our fresh front yard, I received quite a few questions about the boxwoods he had planted. I thought it may be helpful to share our best tips for growing & caring for boxwoods. We’ve been planting and caring for boxwoods for over a decade- since the beginning of our homeownership journey. We planted them at our first home, then again at our second, and now we have a beautiful selection at our current home. We’ve landscaped in different zones & climates, and have found what works best to keep these plants thriving, growing, and looking beautiful. Click through for some quick tips… Continue Reading