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Valentine’s / Winter Charcuterie Board

valentines day charcuterie board Hey guys! Jacqueline here. With Valentine’s Day next week, I couldn’t help but think of something delicious and festive I could throw together to commemorate the (sometimes dreaded) holiday. I actually find it to be a fun opportunity to celebrate those you love in an otherwise dreary season. You already know how I feel about winter. Are you the go out and celebrate type? Maybe the stay home and get cozy type? Or maybe you don’t observe Valentines at all… which is totally ok- and in that case, take this as the perfect winter entertaining snack. I’ll take any excuse to eat comfort food. My husband and I usually go out, but this year we’re planning to stay in with the little guy and go out a few days later to celebrate just the two of us. Whether you plan to stay in to go out, this festive and beautiful Valentine’s Day charcuterie board is a must try! Click through to see how I assembled it.

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