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Vegan Sweet Potato Chili with Lime Crema

Vegan Sweet Potato Chili with Lime Crema - So far this season, we’re having such a beautiful snowy winter here. I absolutely love it! However, with the cold & snow comes the yearning for comfort food and warmth. Given I’m still sorting through health struggles and have been on a bit of a journey (my body is rebelling, eye roll), I’ve been eating very clean. Too clean for my liking, honestly. Super healthy eating typically isn’t my norm. I don’t jump on the fitness & fad diet plan at the start of each new year, I’m not into resolutions, and I’ve always been one to eat anything & everything (including carbs, sweets, and my personal favorite- dairy). I also refuse to count calories or macros. My mindset has been everything is fine in moderation. I try to eat healthy when I can, but I’m sure to live along the way… aka- eat that slice of pizza or cake and definitely have the pasta! I’ve had a pretty positive relationship with food and my body this past decade and it took me awhile to get there. These past few months, excluding the holiday week, thanks to said health journey- I’ve eliminated sugar, gluten, dairy, red meat, and all sorts of things in an effort to feel my best while my doctors continue to help me search for answers. Regardless of my clean diet (no matter how temporary I hope it is), I’ll be making certain newfound dishes regardless- because they’re just that good… this sweet potato chili being one of them! I’ve probably made this recipe 8-10 times already this winter, and somehow Emmett & I aren’t bored with it yet. It stores & heats nicely, which makes the perfect easy winter lunch, is filling, has robust flavor, and it’s very healthy- something you can really feel good about eating. Click through for the quick recipe. This one is definitely worth saving or pinning! Continue Reading