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How to Make Subway Tile Look Classic, Not Basic

How to Make Subway Tile Look Classic and Not Basic - Let’s talk tile, friends… everyone and their mother, brother, mailman, etc (you get the point) is using subway tile these. For the past six or seven years this classic material caught on in a big way and the trend isn’t seeming to slow. In my opinion, that’s a good and bad thing. The good news is this: people have discovered the magical and timeless aesthetic of subway tile. The bad news? Since subway tile has been a safe and trendy choice for quite some time now, the overuse of it is quite frankly feeling boring and dated, instead of classic. You’re probably thinking, “since it IS a classic material, you really can’t go wrong and it will never go out of style”… ehhh, yes and no. Like all trends- materials and decor cycle back around with time. Too much of a good thing doesn’t always end well, you know? Not to worry though! I’m sharing a bunch of tips for installing subway tile in a way that feels timeless, intentional, and anything but basic or boring. Click through for lots of ideas and ways to avoid using this popular tile without it looking too trendy or running the risk of it becoming dated.  Continue Reading