10 Forgotten (But Amazing) Posts!


I thought it would be fun to bring back some of my favorite posts. Whether it was the timing, month, or just the fact that I did a bad job promoting them, most of these didn’t gain a lot of attention, but I totally think they’re worth revisiting! Take a second (or first) look at what I think is some of the best content on Room for Tuesday. Oh yeah- and the best part? They’re all seasonally appropriate, specifically picked for spring and summer…

U L T I M A T E   B A R   C H E C K L I S T

Ultimate Bar Checklist This one has a complete supply list of everything you need to stock your bar. Whether you have a bar cart, bar cabinet, or complete outdoor bar, you’ll definitely want to save these printable lists. From bar tools, books, and glassware right down to the alcohol and mixers, it’s literally perfect for entertaining prep!



J A C Q U E L I N E ‘ S   P A T I O   R E V E A L

Summer Patio Jackie and I shot her patio a couple summers ago and we had SO much fun doing it. It’s still one of my favorite places for a summer hang, outdoor tacos, or a fire with wine-in-hand. You guys will love this space, and the ‘Get the Look’ is actually super budget friendly.



 F A V O R I T E   W H I T E   D I S H E S

Favorite White Dishes The patio brought me to this post. You can never have too many white dishes. Whether you’re entertaining this summer or buying wedding gifts, white dishes are a must. These classic kitchen staples go with anything and everything!



C E I L I N G   F A N S   T H A T   A R E N ‘ T   H A T E F U L

Ceiling Fans That Aren't Hateful It’s already shaping up to be a hot summer here in Utah. This week temperatures reached into the 80s and I’m thankful we have a ceiling fan this season. Trust me when I say they’re not all terribly and ugly. Check out this roundup of ceiling fans that aren’t hateful.



M A I L B O X   D I Y

Summer Mailbox DIY I think of spring and summer as the prime time to pay attention to your house and make home improvements. The first place to start? Curb appeal! This easy DIY dresses up a plain and boring mailbox and takes all of 5 minutes.



L A N D S C A P I N G   1 0 1

Landscaping 101 Speaking of curb appeal, Emmett (back when Emmett was Kalyn– so don’t let that confuse you!) did an entire post on his best landscaping tips. He’s really amazing at landscaping and curb appeal- so he runs the show outdoors.



T H E   B E S T   D A R K   C H O C O L A T E   I C E   C R E A M

Homemade-Extra-Dark-Chocolate-Ice-Cream I’m an ice cream lover and although I hate to admit it, I’m also an ice cream snob. I like creamy, fine ice cream, with high quality, organic ingredients. I love making ice cream in the summer and this Jeni’s recipe is the BEST chocolate ice cream I’ve ever had or made. You guys have to try it!



S H I B O R I   D I Y

Shibori-Pillow-DIY I grew up dying things. It sounds funny, but it’s true. Every summer, my cousins and I would “tie dye” t-shirts and pillowcases, cookout, and have a big pool party. It’s seriously such a fun creative thing to do outside in the summertime! I still love it as much as I did, but now with the adult shibori version.



T H E   B E S T   F A U X   P L A N T S


I love plants and gardening… so I currently only own one faux plant (an air plant), but this post is for those of you with black thumbs or those who might not love plants and gardening. If you’re going to have a faux plant this summer, at least get a good, convincing one. It’s sort of my PSA post where I share the best options.



H E A D B O A R D S   U N D E R   $ 3 0 0

Headboards under $300 If you’re saving money for summer travels or experiences, I think that’s amazing! However, I also know the feeling of wanting to make updates to your home while you’re saving. If you want a big impact on a low budget, check out these headboards under $300! Trust me when I say they do NOT look like “budget” options.



Let me know if you guys have read or liked any of these in the past or if they’re new to you! I’d love to hear feedback on what you liked and didn’t like. Lately we’ve sort of stuck to home decor and interiors as opposed to food and cocktail related posts.

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